PVC plastic processing system solutions outstanding service providers


National High-Tech Enterprise, Zhejiang Jinlida New Material Sci & Tech CO。LTD。 was established in 1999, which is one of the new third board listed companies, Stock code: 839231。 The company is located in one of the four major economic metropolitan areas in Zhejiang Province, Jinyi Metropolitan Zone – Lanxi City Economic Development Zone。 Since the construction, the company adhere to the customer first, the quality of zero tolerance, the credibility of the supremacy of the business philosophy, focusing on PVC materials and PVC as the substrate of the alloy materials R & D and manufacturing。 The company owns the automotive industry, electric power industry, household electrical appliances industry, handicrafts toys industry, chemical building material industry, and other various loyal customers。




PVC plastic processing system solutions outstanding service providers

Flame Retardan ABS Pellet

Jinlida flame retardant ABS pellets with high impact modification, easy processing,

CPVC modified material

Jinlida CPVC modified materials can be endured in high temperature,

Hard PVC material

Jinlida hard PVC materials modified professionally on weather resistance,

Soft PVC material

Jinlida soft PVC materials meet the REACH, EU ROHS, EN71 and other …

Product Applications


PVC plastic processing system solutions outstanding service providers

Technology Category

Our materials are mainly used in photo frames, children’s toys, cultural and educational supplies and other fields. The material in the plastic frame industry has had a high market share for

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Building Materials Category

Various of building decoration heterotype materials have a very wide range of applications: covering materials, the same layer of sewage pipe materials, air conditioning ventilation pipe material, waterproof board material,

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Electrical Category

HY series of flame retardant materials, through a special formula design to inhibit the evaporation of flame retardants in materials; combined with compatible technology to improve the interface properties of materials and improve its compatibility; through the special design of the screw and adjust to the feeding methods to

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Special Category

Aim at the poor property of cold hardiness, heat resistance and workability, good rigidity, fire resistance and other characteristics of PVC, we selected the appropriate second component to modify the PVC, and therewith expand the application of PVC. We have developed some special materials successfully as following:

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